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  Information about the project team members  


Idea and interviews:
Jan Boris Wintzenburg

Patrick Rösing, Jan Schnoor, Jan Boris Wintzenburg

Editorial team:
Susanne Baller, Till Bartels, Michael Chmurycz (FR), Bastian Fischborn (FR), Florian Gossy, Kalle Harberg (FR), Dirk Kunde (FR), Patrick Rösing, Kai Steinecke (FR), Jessica Wagener (FR), Jan Boris Wintzenburg

Lisa Däumler (FR), Fynn Francke (FR), Simon Hollmann (FR), Christopher Kurr (FR), Stefan Petrat (FR), Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Sarita Timmermann (FR)

Picture editors:
Andreas Kronawitt, Dirk Kunde (FR), Patrick Rösing, Jan Boris Wintzenburg

Image capturing and processing:
Bert Bobock (FR), Tanja Hirner (FR), Irina Kirova (FR), Tanja Metzner, Anna Prochnow, stern image processing department

Natalie Neomie Isser, Jan Kamensky

Johannes Barkhau, Florian Gossy, Patrick Rösing

Social media:
Katharina Kütemeyer (FR), Julia Rieke

Project management:
Annastasia Baumann (Leitung), Katrin Voges, Stefanie Wille

Technical management/consultancy: 
Marco Palzkill, Willi Hoff

ProofIT  UG

Press contact:
Sabine Grüngreiff, Gruner+Jahr

All the photographs were taken by Gunther and Martin Holtorf.

Data sources: Wikipedia, Wikidata


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Philipp Jessen
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Oliver von Wersch, Eva-Maria Bauch

Digital business director:
Daniela von Heyl


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