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In the street canyons of an ancient “Manhattan”

date of entry 21/02/2005
mileage 456,700

capital Sanaa

area 528.076 km²

population 25,408 M.

GDP 21.664 M. US-Dollar

official language Arabic

Gunther says Yemen is the most interesting country on the Arabian peninsula, but also the most difficult to visit, not least because of the tense security situation. After a certain amount of effort on Gunther’s and Christine’s part, Otto became the first foreign vehicle to enter the country for years. The trio covered 3,600 km in Yemen. Gunther was particularly impressed by the desert region of Hadramaut. Its tall houses make it look like an medieval Manhattan.
  • Dromedaries are still commonly used as pack animals in the Arabian Peninsula
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  • Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, is the desert state’s cultural, political and business centre, with a population of 2.2 million.
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  • The historic old town has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988.
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  • Many men in Yemen wear ornate curved daggers in their belts
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  • Known as djambia, they symbolise bravery, tribal honour, and the transition to adulthood.
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  • Shibam, a town in Hadramaut province, is full of mud "skyscrapers".
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  • Like the old city of Sanaa, Shibam is a UNESCO world heritage site
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  • Otto explored its streets at great length…
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  • … and attracted considerable attention. Not many German-registered vehicles visit Yemen.
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  • Christine and Otto covered 3,600 kilometres in the country. They explored abandoned buildings…
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  • ...and sometimes had to shovel their way out of the sand
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  • Video: Yemen: Otto has a surprisingly easy time of it