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Well-known throughout the entire country: fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

date of entry 28/12/1998
mileage 235,575

capital Caracas

area 916.445 km²

population 28.833.845

GDP 315,8 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Spanish

Gunther drove through this country in the north of South America three times during his tour. Here, he encountered fascinating flora and fauna and surprising German influences. At the same time, he found Caracas to be one of the least safe cities. Whenever they ventured out onto the streets, they did so without any jewellery or watches. Otto stayed parked in the grounds of the German Club. For driving through Caracas, Christine and Gunther confined themselves to taxis.
  • There are many descendants of German immigrants living in Venezuela, as can be seen from the names of the businesses in Colonia Tovar. This small town lies southwest of Caracas, but, according to Gunther, one German speciality is well known throughout the country: fresh strawberries with whipped cream.
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  • Welcome sign in Venezuela. Otto crosses the border in the northeast near Maicao, coming from Colombia.
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  • Christine Holtorf looks into the depths of one of the many waterfalls in the Gran Sabana region. This plateau in the southeast of the country is bound by a mountain range.
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  • The Holtorfs were especially impressed by the many animals living wild. Here, birds flew over the Lago de Maracaibo.
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  • Horses and birds graze in peaceful neighbourliness. Nature at its most beautiful, although drilling for oil is going on at many spots in this region.
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  • A richly-coloured parrot in the wild.
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  • At the foot of the bridge, fishermen cast their nets into the Orinoco. It is the second-largest river in South America, after the Amazon.
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  • A Swiss exile practising his alpenhorn in perfect isolation beside a tributary of the Orinoco. His dogs listened reverently.
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  • There were far more people around on the beach in Barcelona. This town lies on the Caribbean Sea in the east of Venezuela.
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  • Video: Venezuela – a land of contrasts

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date of entry 07 January 1999
mileage 238,419


date of entry 17 January 1999
mileage 241,057