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The land of sacred buildings

date of entry 24/05/2006
mileage 539,795

capital Taschkent

area 447.400 km²

population 30.183.400

GDP 45,353 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Uzbek

"Uzbekistan is definitely the most interesting of the Stans," Gunther says. During his visit in 2006, he was particularly fascinated by the many religious buildings.
  • … and this cemetery. Each grave has a little fence around it.
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  • During his visit to Uzbekistan, Gunther was particularly fascinated by the many religious buildings
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  • One prominent example is the madrasa of Sherdor in Samarkand. Madrasas are Islamic religious schools. Ninety percent of the population is Muslim.
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  • The travellers watched this military ceremony near the madrasa.
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  • Some of the buildings along the road were in terrible condition
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  • Like all Central Asian countries, Uzbekistan has many nomads. This woman is selling milk on the street.
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  • Otto passed this ruined town on his way through Uzbekistan…
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  • Video: Uzbekistan: land of religious buildings

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date of entry 30 May 2006
mileage 541,705


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