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A small country on the huge Rio de la Plata river

date of entry 02/02/1996
mileage 157,522

capital Montevideo

area 176.215 km²

GDP 46,872 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Spanish

In the early 1980s, Gunther Holtorf spent some time as Lufthansa’s country manager in Uruguay. From there, he explored large parts of South America. What could be more natural than to show his wife Christine around the region with Otto? He had many friends from his first time there – and even an official residence permit for Uruguay. He appreciates this small country and still visits it frequently today. When he left on one occasion, he brought the separate parts of an old Ford B from the 1930s back to Germany with him. The car is currently in a barn, waiting to be put together again.
  • This curving bridge is the symbol of the town of La Barra. It connects the two banks of the Arroyo Maldonaldo, in the east of Punta del Este, South America's number one beach resort.
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  • Especially in the countryside, there are still many old vehicles on the roads in Uruguay, like this rusty Mercedes. Gunther Holtorf came to the country in 1996 with his wife Christine.
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  • She, however, was more interested in a completely restored vintage model.
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  • Many of the towns were originally founded by the country’s Spanish colonial masters. Uruguayans are considered very friendly people and are proud of their small "Republica Oriental del Uruguay".
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  • More than half the population of this South American country live in Montevideo, a pleasant, growing city on the Rio de la Plata.
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  • A military coup in the early 1970s placed the country under a dictatorship. Free elections were not held again until 1985. On their visit, the Holtorfs found walls still full of political slogans.
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  • The capybara is native to the eastern part of South America and very common in Uruguay. With a shoulder height of up to 60 centimetres, it is regarded as the biggest living rodent in the world.
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  • Video: Uruguay – the "Switzerland of South America"