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In 2005, Otto had to take a detour to get in.

date of entry 28/07/2005
mileage 485,162

capital Kiew

area 603.700 km²

population 45.426.200

GDP 164,9 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Ukrainian

Because of unrest in Transnistria, which officially belongs to Moldova, Gunther could not travel direct to neighbouring Ukraine. Instead, he took a detour through Moldova into the Black Sea region of Crimea, and then to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.
  • The famous conference table in Yalta on Crimean Peninsula. Here the allied leaders Roosevelt, Churhill and Stalin held their historical conference in 1944
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  • The monastery of St Michael in Kiev consists of a church with a spire, a cathedral, and a few much less elaborate residential buildings
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  • The cathedral’s golden towers are visible from a great distance
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  • St Andrew’s Church is covered in magnificent gold ornamentation It stands at the beginning of Andriyyivsky Descent, the Montmartre of Kiev
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  • A little church on a solitary hill
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  • Welcome to Yalta! Empty Crimean champagne bottles hanging from a sign.
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  • The castle overlooking the Black Sea is also known as the Swallows’ Nest. It is located a few kilometres south of Yalta.
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  • Video: Ukraine: a tourist destination with lots of potential