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A wild country

date of entry 02/10/2005
mileage 504,081

capital Duschanbe

area 143.100 km²

population 7.910.041

GDP 8,557 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Tajik/Persian/Russian

In Gunther’s opinion, Tajikistan is the most distinctive of the Central Asian "stans", both geographically and in outlook. He and Christine crossed this wild, rugged mountain nation while travelling from Kyrgyzstan towards Afghanistan.
  • A network of narrow paths leads through the steep mountain along the southern border with Afghanistan. The road
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  • More than two thirds of Tajikistan consists of high mountains
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  • Gunther describes the country as "wild and primaeval"
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  • Tajikistan is bigger than England, but with a population of only 8 million.
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  • More than 60% of the population works in agriculture…
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  • … in this case as goatherds. Otto was pretty laid back about the encounter.
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  • Video: Tajikistan: an awe-inspiring wilderness