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Sri Lanka

Beaches, tea and elephants

date of entry 12/12/2010
mileage 724,944

capital Sri Jayewardenepura/Colombo

area 65.610 km²

population 20.277.597

GDP 59,09 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Sinhala/Tamil

Between 1983 and 2009, the Sinhalese and the Tamils fought a civil war in Sri Lanka. When Gunther and Martin Holtorf visited the island state off the coast of India in 2010, a peace agreement had recently been reached. The Holtorfs spent around a month in Sri Lanka and Otto travelled 2600 kilometres. According to Gunther Holtorf, it was a country of tea, elephants and amazing old sacred buildings.
  • A total of 70 percent of Sri Lankan people are Buddhists.
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  • Because it was the rainy season on the east coast, Gunther and Martin enjoyed the beaches on the dry western side of the island.
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  • There they met these fishermen pulling their boat and catch onto the shore.
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  • Sri Lanka is famous for its Ceylon tea. Ceylon was the name which the British gave to the island state. The country has only been called Sri Lanka since 1972.
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  • Around a bend they suddenly saw an adult elephant on the other side of the road. According to Holtorf, it is not unusual to find these animals on the road in Sri Lanka.
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  • Even though numbers have fallen significantly in recent decades, there are still around 6000 wild elephants on the island.
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  • The droppings that the animals leave on the road are not wasted and can be used to make paper, for example.
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  • The country’s oldest dagobas or Buddhist memorials can be found in Anuradhapura…
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  • …including the "Jetavanaramaya" dagoba.
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  • Video: Sri Lanka – an elephant in the other lane

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