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South Korea

The free half of a divided country

date of entry 20/07/2006
mileage 558,245

capital Seoul

area 99.392 km²

population 50.000.000

GDP 1.222 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Korean

Otto visited South Korea twice during his journey. He enjoyed rather more freedom than in the northern half of the divided peninsula, experiencing the vast metropolises of Seoul and Busan, and seeing gleaming skyscrapers, phallic statues, and cruiseship-shaped clifftop hotels.
  • it contains is phallic
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  • Seoul is South Korea’s biggest city, with a population of 10 million.
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  • The population of the surrounding metropolitan region brings the total to 30 million. Gunther says that while most people live fairly comfortablely, there were still some signs of poverty.
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  • Seoul is the business, political and social centre of the country, one of only two major cities.
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  • The other is Busan, a port in the south-west.
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  • The Sun Cruise Hotel, perched on a cliff in Jeongdongjin, is similar in size and shape to a cruise ship.
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  • The beach in Jeondongjin is renowned for its sunrises. Large numbers of people gather here on 1 January to watch the first one of the year.
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  • The Haesindang park, near Samcheok in the east of the country, is also known as Penis Park because all the art
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  • Video: South Korea: memories of a colourful land

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date of entry 25 August 2006
mileage 559,417