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A clean country that is the hub of Asia

date of entry 28/06/2007
mileage 593,570

capital Singapur

area 712,4 km²

population 5.312.400

GDP 259,8 Bill. US-Dollar

official language English/Malay/Tamil/Putonghua

Otto has visited Singapore many times, mainly for its port. The city has sea connections to almost every part of the world, and overland routes through Malaysia to Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. The city state’s strict rules and limited space mean it’s not the ideal place for people who live in their cars.
  • Singapore is a tiger state, having made a very rapid leap from developing country to industrialised nation. One of the consequences is large numbers of skyscrapers, even in the suburbs.
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  • Arriving in Asia’s most efficient country, one of the region’s most important logistical hubs.
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  • Otto needed an additional numberplate in Singapore
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  • When he arrived, the streets and shops
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  • were festooned with festive lanterns. Their colours are symbolic: Red represents celebrations, and blue and white mean sickness and death.
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  • Video: Singapore: perfectly organised, perfectly clean

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mileage 593,688