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The alleyways in Lisbon are too narrow

date of entry 17/12/2004
mileage 435,268

capital Lissabon

area 92.212 km²

population 10.602.000

GDP 238,8 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Portuguese

The Holtorfs explored this land of seafarers and conquerors in 2004. They were particularly impressed by the natural beauty of the Atlantic coast
  • ...old lighthouses and ruined fortresses
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  • They made an excursion from Spain into neighbouring Portugal, where they headed straight for the capital, Lisbon
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  • Praça do Comércio, Commercial Square, was redesigned after the 1755 earthquake and now forms the entrance to the inner-city area
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  • The dome of St Engracia’s cathedral in the Alfama district. Otto often found the streets of Lisbon rather narrow.
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  • The red 25 April Bridge across the Tejo connects the Alcântara district of Lisbon with the city of Almada. This 3.2-kilometre suspension bridge is reminiscent of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.
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  • Christine and Gunther loved the coastal landscape with its jagged rock formations, ...
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  • Video: Portugal: an exotic land with a picturesque capital

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date of entry 20 December 2004
mileage 436,592

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mileage 437,517