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Six years after the first attempt, Otto was finally admitted

date of entry 13/04/2012
mileage 792,679

capital Manila

area 299.764 km²

population 92.337.852

GDP 213,1 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Filipino/English

Otto spent about a month in the Philippines and visited the majority of the large islands that make up the country. Gunther Holtorf remembers that overall the ferry journeys and the travelling in the country went very smoothly. The run-up to the trip was more difficult. Holtorf spent six years obtaining an entry permit for Otto.
  • Unesco world heritage rice terraces on the northern island of Luzon are still in use after 2,000 years.
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  • Eventually, he received permission in 2012 to travel to the Philippines with Otto.
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  • The volcano Mayon, which is around 300 kilometres east of Manila, erupted almost a year after Gunther Holtorf’s visit.
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  • Holtorf and Otto spent around a month touring the islands…
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  • …and enjoying the scenery.
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  • Every now and then, they met some of Otto’s relatives…
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  • …which had been beautifully decorated by their owners.
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  • People make use of any free areas on the vehicles.
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  • Otto was constantly overloaded during his trip around the world. These motorcyclists show that he was not the only one…
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  • …as do these two people.
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  • According to Gunther Holtorf, the people of the Philippines were "extraordinarily friendly".
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  • Video: The Philippines – the story of a six-year application process

Otto was here before ...

South Korea

date of entry 14 June 2012
mileage 800,197