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The land of the many rivers

date of entry 31/05/1997
mileage 170,775

capital Asunción

area 406.752 km²

population 6.375.830

GDP 14.788 M. US-Dollar

official language Spanish/Guaraní

Paraguay is one of the few countries in South America that have no direct access to the sea. The relatively poor country was ruled for many years by the dictator Don Alfredo Stroessner, who was of German descent. In South America today, the state is known mainly for its huge electricity-production operation at the Itaipu Dam on the border with Brazil.
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date of entry 01 June 1997
mileage 171,034


date of entry 05 June 1997
mileage 172,410


date of entry 08 June 1997
mileage 173,145


date of entry 18 October 1997
mileage 173,923