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The Sahara feeling without the desert itself

date of entry 08/03/2005
mileage 460,340

capital Maskat

area 309.500 km²

population 3.219.775

GDP 71,888 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Arabic

The sultanate in the east of the peninsula is an ideal place to get a feel for the desert, Gunther says. Most of the southwest is occupied by the Jiddat al-Harasis, a desert on the Saudi Arabian border. The mountains reach heights of more than 2,000 metres in the north and in the enclave of Musandam on the Strait of Hormus. Until the 1970s Oman was underdeveloped and almost without proper infrastructure. Under the regency of Sultan Qabus, who came to power through a coup, the country opened to Western influences. Christine and Gunther visited Oman in 2005, and found the people extremely friendly and helpful.
  • The desolate mountain landscape of Oman on the border with the United Arab Emirates
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  • Otto parked on the Corniche in Muscat. A huge sculpture of an incense burner stands on the promenade in the capital.
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  • Oman has retained many of its traditional values. Christine and Gunther crossed the country from south to north in 2005 on their way from Yemen to the United Arab Emirates.
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  • The enclave of Musandam, in the far north of the Arabian Peninsula, belongs to Oman. Here, bare mountains rise from steep fjords to a height of over 2,000 metres.
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  • The oasis of Nizwa, an old trading town on the southern edge of the Hadjar mountains.
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  • The extensive palm groves in Nizwa have been cultivated for centuries. This is the tower of the fort, above the souk.
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  • The huge fortress of Hisn Tamah in the oasis of Bahla, made entirely of mud bricks, has been a UNESCO world Heritage site since 1987
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  • An encounter in the street: Bedouin carrying animal feed on their heads
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  • Otto parked outside Yabrin castle in the Ad-Dakhiliyah region, built by the sultan in 1670 and later used as a home
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  • Video: Oman – a friendly desert land