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The northernmost point on earth that can be reached overland.

date of entry 11/08/2005
mileage 490,615

capital Oslo

area 385.199 km²

population 5.063.709

GDP 483,6 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Norwegian

Travelling through Norway made a big hole in Gunther’s budget: Food and fuel were extremely expensive. The Holtorfs drove north along the coast from Oslo, the capital. On the way to the northernmost point in Europe, they stopped in many fjords. But they didn’t visit the Lofoten islands because the weather was not being cooperative. They crossed the border in Kirkenes and continued towards Russia.
  • World's northernmost point to reach overland is Norway's North Cape, north of Hammerfest.
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  • Norway is at its best in the late summer
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  • Not to be trifled with: Up to 1.4 metres tall at the shoulder, and with fearsome antlers, reindeer demand respect
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  • They sometimes wander the streets in search of food. On this occasion, Gunter grabbed his camera just in time.
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  • A fisherman’s hut with a grass-covered roof
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  • Fish hanging out to dry
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  • A village on the way north. Red is a popular house colour in Scandinavia.
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  • A glacier in a fjord
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  • Video: Norway: all the way north

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Finland / Aland

date of entry 20 August 2005
mileage 493,982


date of entry 21 August 2005
mileage 494,025