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A fragile multi-ethnic state in the heart of Africa

date of entry 10/02/1991
mileage 66,310

capital Abuja

area 923.768 km²

population 152.217.341

GDP 238,9 Bill. US-Dollar

official language English

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country – and one of its most dangerous as well. Tribalism, religious tension between the Christians in the south and the Muslims in the north, between farmers and livestock keepers, between rich and poor and between oil producers and those affected by environmental destruction make for an explosive cocktail. Consequently the Holtorfs did not feel too comfortable initially at the thought of visiting Lagos. But in the end they did – and made it out of the city of millions safely again.
  • Especially in the north of the country Islam is on the advance. New mosques are springing up everywhere, frequently funded by Arab money. The picture shows Abuja, the new capital.
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  • A cattle market in the north of the country
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  • On their first visit the Holtorfs avoided the biggest city Lagos, which was infamous in the region for its high crime rate
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  • Inland, on the other hand, they were able to move about relatively freely ...
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  • ... and observe the traders engaged in their business dealings
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