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Netherlands Antilles

Not so easy to get there and back again

date of entry 05/04/2008
mileage 628,642

Sint Maarten

capital Philipsburg

area 34 km²

population 37.429

official language Dutch/English


capital Willemstad

area 444 km²

population 150.563

official language Dutch/Papiamentu


capital Oranjestad

area 180 km²

population 101.484

official language Dutch/Papiamentu

A Dutch idyll with Caribbean temperatures. The historic links between the islands and the Kingdom of the Netherlands are obvious. For the Holtorfs, the challenge was to get solid ground under Otto’s wheels, because there are no car ferries linking Aruba, St Martin and Curaçao. Gunther had to persuade the captains of cutters and other small ships to transport them.
  • A Dutch idyll in the Caribbean. A replica windmill in front of a palatial hotel.
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  • The northern part of the island is called St Martin and has a strong French influence. The southern part has a more Dutch feel and is called Sint Maarten.
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  • But the beautiful beaches all around the island are typical of the Caribbean.
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  • The runway of Princess Juliana airport on the Dutch part of St Martin is only 2100 metres long and extends right up to the beach.
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  • The huge aircraft pass over only a few metres above the sand with their landing gear down.
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  • You can just pick out Otto in front of the huge liner "Queen Mary 2".
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  • Local residents playing dominoes on Curaçao. While St Martin is part of the string of Caribbean islands, Curaçao and Aruba are much further away, only just off the Venezuelan coast.
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  • Otto looking lost in the undergrowth on the island.
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  • Little Amsterdam. Houses in Willemstad on Curaçao.
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  • The houses on Aruba call to mind half-timbered houses in Europe.
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  • Video: The Dutch Antilles – beautiful islands that are not car-friendly.

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