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In Nepal Otto had a wonderful view of the Himalayas

date of entry 01/11/2005
mileage 508,620

capital Kathmandu

area 147.181 km²

population 26.494.504

GDP 9.627 M. US-Dollar

official language Nepali

This Himalayan state’s high mountain landscapes and rich cultural heritage have huge appeal to foreigners. Christine and Gunther entered western Nepal from northern India and continued east to the city of Pokhara. They were lucky with the weather, and were able to see Annapurna, the world’s tenth highest mountain. Two hundred kilometres later they reached the capital, Kathmandu – another UNESCO world heritage site. They explored Hindu temples, narrow side streets and secluded courtyards. "These are the things really worth seeing in Kathmandu", as Gunther says.
  • When this bridge collapsed, Otto had to drive through the deep river to reach the other side.
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  • Otto against a snow-covered Himalayan backdrop
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  • Machhapuchchhre, a holy mountain to the Nepalese, towers above the landscape 25 kilometres north of Pokhara.
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  • One of the most striking mountains of the Annapurna massif in western Nepal, it is 6,997 metres high. Its name means "fishtail".
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  • Cows enjoy special status in Hindu countries like Nepal, and even have statues devoted to them.
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  • A market in Nepal Goods are displayed on the ground rather than on stalls
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  • Sadhus, or holy men, in Pashupatinath, a Hindu sacred site near Kathmandu
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  • Otto in the narrow streets of the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu
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  • A porter in Kathmandu
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  • The cultural centre of the city: Otto in Durban Square
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  • A forest of billboards in Kathmandu
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  • Women bringing the crops in from the fields
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  • Video: Nepal: a land of hidden treasures

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date of entry 15 November 2005
mileage 510,385