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On the trail of German colonialists

date of entry 21/08/1989
mileage 27,561

capital Windhoek

area 824.116 km²

population 2.303.315

GDP 12.300 M. US-Dollar

official language English

German visitors to Namibia have a good chance of being addressed in German by the locals – as Gunther and Christine Holtorf experienced while buying supplies at a butcher’s. The country, which now takes its name from the Namib desert, was known as German South-West Africa for about 30 years and was a colony of the then German Empire. Half-timbered houses and German street signs can still be found there, and German is one of the official languages.
  • Im Twyfelfontein valley in the northwest the Holtorfs admired the famous Stone Age rock engravings, including of animals
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  • Namibia was a German colony from 1884 to 1915 and called German South-West Africa
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  • The traces of German colonial rule are visible and even audible to this day. German is one of the country’s official languages.
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  • Namibia has been a democratic country since 1990. A fact that – unlike in other African countries – even the military appreciates, as the badge on this soldier’s uniform shows.
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  • While on the move Christine and Gunther Holtorf encountered locals in traditional dress, such as these Herero women ...
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  • ... or these members of the Himba tribe, who inspected Otto with curiosity
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  • Namibia owes its name to the Namib Desert, which extends over vast areas of the country
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  • At 80 million years, the Namib is the oldest desert in the world
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  • Christine and Gunther Holtorf drove through the desert landscape with Otto three times
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  • Gunther Holtorf enjoyed relaxing amid the dunes now and again ...
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  • ... but was happy that there were enough shady places in the country as well
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  • There was always close contact with Namibia’s wildlife
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  • Waterholes provided a good opportunity for catching the different fauna species ...
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  • ... such as this herd of elephants
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  • Video: Namibia - Otto and the leopard

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date of entry 21 August 1989
mileage 27,442

South Africa

date of entry 23 August 1989
mileage 28,208