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Otto’s experiences in the mining area

date of entry 04/04/1989
mileage 17,543

capital Maputo

area 801.590 km²

population 24.692.144

GDP 11.800 M. US-Dollar

official language Portuguese

Gunther Holtorf drove through the country in southeast Africa many times. The first time was a transit journey. He travelled in a convoy with mine-clearing vehicles through the Tete Corridor from Malawi to Zimbabwe. In 2013 Gunter Holtorf travelled along the around 3,500 kilometres of coastline from north to south to the capital Maputo and on to Swaziland.
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  • Fortress on the Indian Ocean. Where cannons were once fired to fend off enemies, locals and tourists now go swimming.
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  • No train passed through here for days. It was relatively safe for any mode of transport to use this railway crossing.
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  • Small inland settlement. With his knowledge of Portuguese Gunther Holtorf got by very well in Mozambique. It is the official language. The country joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1995.
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  • All the village children wanted to be in the photo. Otto is barely recognisable in the background.
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  • Collecting water. Waiting patiently at the well.
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  • Interesting livestock haulage: goats are transported along with machinery
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  • Caution: Elephants! A street sign that as a European you don’t see very often
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  • Wash day by the river
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  • Large bridge with road in the middle of nowhere
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  • Crossing this bridge Gunther Holtorf hoped not to encounter any oncoming traffic
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  • Fishermen returning to shore
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  • A boat is unloaded, with many helping hands.
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  • Traces of the civil war were still visible on many buildings in the capital Maputo
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  • Faded grandeur. Many prestigious buildings are in a state of decay
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  • Video: Mozambique – Otto’s minefield experience