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Morocco / Ceuta  / Melila

date of entry 11/11/1990
mileage 48,640

Ceuta (Spain)

area 18,5 km²

population 84.180

official language Spanish


capital Rabat

area 446.550 km²

population 32.950.000

GDP 114,7 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Arabic

Otto visited the Kingdom of Morocco three times: in 1990, 2004 and 2013. During each visit the diverse country with its deserts, the Atlas mountains, the cities steeped in tradition and the magnificent coastline exerted the same fascination over Gunther Holtorf. At the same time, the two Spanish exclaves of Ceuta und Melilla on the Mediterannean coastline seemed particularly absurd to him. Surrounded by high fences they seemed to be protected like miniature versions of the GDR – the only difference being that here is the aim to keep refugees out of these small pieces of the EU on African soil.
  • ... the Roman ruins of the former city of Volubilis close to present-day Tangier
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  • Sand as far as the eye can see. Those who travel to the southeast of the country ...
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  • ... encounter ...
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  • ... huge dunes in which it is easy to get buried with an all-terrain vehicle. Gunther Holtorf resisted the temptation to drive too far into the dunes.
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  • Only camels can really make reliable progress in this landscape
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  • Oases spring forth in the brownish landscape like patches of green
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  • The water for plants and animals has to be recovered from deep wells
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  • The Holtorfs also came across abandoned settlements time and again
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  • Even old fortresses are deserted nowadays
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  • A plague of locusts, which overtook large parts of Africa in 2005, did not spare Morocco either
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  • The geography of Morocco in a panoramic shot: the desert in the foreground, the peaks of the Atlas Mountains in the background, and between them the old town of Ouarzazate
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  • The capital Rabat on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River. Fishermen sailed out to sea from this natural harbour in small boats.
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  • The inland city of Fez with the remains of the city wall in the foreground
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  • In the streets of the towns and cities you encounter a lot of architecture of the French Colonial style
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  • This trader was selling dates and figs of varying qualities
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  • Morocco is a Muslim country, where women wear the veil
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  • Gunther Holtorf was fascinated by the wide variety of archways ...
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  • ... that were preserved all over the country ...
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  • ... in the city walls
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  • The magnificence of the Kingdom’s palaces contrasted with ...
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  • Video: Morocco/Ceuta/Melilla – retreat for shivering Germans