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A dream island with obstructive bureaucracy

date of entry 24/09/2013
mileage 871,192

capital Port Louis

area 2.040 km²

population 1 178 848

GDP 6.959 M. US-Dollar

official language English

This beautiful island in the Indian Ocean was one of Otto’s more unusual destinations, because foreign visitors don’t generally bring their own cars with them. Once all the paperwork had been completed, it emerged that Otto was a left-hand drive car and the islanders drive on the left, so Otto was not allowed on the road. Only a formal approval from the Prime Minister, who was attending the UN General Assembly meeting in New York, solved the problem. Since then Otto has had a large red "Left Hand Drive" warning sign on the back.
  • Tall papaya trees make a welcome change. The ripe fruits are detached from the branches with long poles and then caught underneath the trees.
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  • Otto had to overcome several obstacles to reach this beautiful beach, because foreign cars rarely visit this small island in the Indian Ocean.
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  • At breakfast, Gunther Holtorf is taken by surprise by a small deer.
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  • The distances on the island are relatively short. This is the road to the capital Port Louis.
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  • The small island state is covered with endless sugar cane plantations.
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  • Video: Mauritius – a melting pot

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mileage 871,835


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mileage 874,506


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mileage 874,522


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mileage 875,198