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The Republic of Malta is the smallest member state of the European Union.

date of entry 28/10/2007
mileage 613,381

capital Valletta

area 316 km²

population 417.608

GDP 7.419 M. US-Dollar

official language Maltese/English

The Republic of Malta is the European Union’s smallest member state. The Holtorfs and Otto took the ferry from Sicily and spent a week on the island.
  • While touring the main island, the couple encountered many traces of Greek and Roman occupation
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  • The trio took the ferry from Sicily to the Mediterranean island of Malta. The port of Valletta is not only full of colourful fishing boats, but also of ...
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  • … large yachts, cruise liners, and Maltese navy vessels
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  • Christine explores Valletta’s historic old town.
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  • Video: Malta: a European outpost

Otto was here before ...

Italy / San Marino / Vatican

date of entry 31 October 2007
mileage 613,611


date of entry 10 November 2007
mileage 616,441


date of entry 12 November 2007
mileage 616,735