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Only a drainage ditch brought Otto to a brief stop

date of entry 19/03/1989
mileage 15,827

capital Lilongwe

area 118.480 km²

population 14.212.000

GDP 4.570 M. US-Dollar

official language English

Otto was in Malawi four times: in 1989, 1992, 1995 and, most recently, in 2013. The changes to the country made Gunther Holtorf reflect: virtually all the rainforests had been cut down by the last visit. Nonetheless an impressive range of wildlife can still be viewed in the country’s savannah. The highlight every time was the visit to Lake Malawi, from which the country derives its name.
  • But nothing more happened: once a few men who gathered had simply lifted out Otto, who was stuck despite his four-wheel drive, the journey continued.
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  • Picturesque view of the ninth-largest lake in the world: Lake Malawi.
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  • On their tours the Holtorfs usually stayed in the interior. Here they were inspecting the wares of street vendors.
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  • In the countryside the villages still look very traditional. A typical feature is the overhanging roofs which provide shade.
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  • Otto outside the National Bank of Malawi in the capital Lilongwe. Its distinctive architecture in particular catches the attention. The local currency incidentally is the Malawi kwacha.
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  • Serious work: sitting at his sewing machine in hat, suit and tie, this tailor sought to promote his craftsmanship.
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  • In the – during the rainy season – wet savanna they found a large number of animals: from elephants ...
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  • ... to hippopotami...
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  • ... to giraffes ...
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  • ... romping about with zebras
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  • Impala antelope ate peacefully ...
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  • ... not far from baboons ...
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  • ... and what looked like goats with bleached hair
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  • Otto again encountered one of the huge baobab trees. On this specimen the many bird’s nests stood out.
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  • Close to larger towns Otto kept encountering improvised markets ...
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  • ... at which everything was traded.
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  • In 2013 he even rediscovered a piece of the infrastructure built by the British: a bricked drain, which was unfortunately missing its cover. The hole could barely be seen on the dusty road.
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  • Video: Malawi – land of disappearing trees and fog-like clouds of insects