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A visit between the civil war and the Ebola outbreak

date of entry 14/03/2013
mileage 840,704

capital Monrovia

area 97.079 km²

population 4.092.310

GDP 730 M. US-Dollar

official language English

Liberia, which means "the land of the free", had been inaccessible to Otto on several previous journeys. In the early 1990s, civil war made it simply too unsafe to visit. The rebels of warlord Charles Taylor massacred large numbers of people and also attacked the neighbouring country of Sierra Leone. In 2013, Gunther Holtorf finally managed to visit the country, just before the devastating outbreak of Ebola in the region in 2014.
  • Elke Dreweck bought a fish from a fisherman, who filleted it there and then.
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  • En route to the Liberian capital Monrovia, Otto crossed a river on a cable ferry.
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  • Spending the night by the coast hidden behind a huge ancient tree. A beautiful beach begins just behind where Otto is parked.
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  • The hammock is attached to the roof rack. In the tropics, it was often better to sleep in this Brazilian hammock than in the hot interior of the car.
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  • Video: Liberia – narrowly avoiding arrest

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date of entry 18 March 2013
mileage 841,263

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date of entry 18 March 2013
mileage 841,352