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Lesotho / Swaziland

Water supplier for South Africa and the smallest Kingdom in Africa

date of entry 06/02/1995
mileage 145,382


capital Lobamba

area 17.363 km²

population 1.370.424

GDP 2.936 M. US-Dollar

official language Siswati/English


capital Maseru

area 30.355 km²

population 1.930.493

GDP 2.453 M. US-Dollar

official language Sesotho/English

On the map, the two landlocked nations of Lesotho and Swaziland look like two islands within South Africa. However, for Gunther Holtorf, this is where the similarities end: "Swaziland is flat and is used for agriculture, while Lesotho is like an island of mountains in South Africa." He paid several visits with Otto to both countries.
  • Like South Africa, the country has a high crime rate. There are even signs on particular roads warning against stopping there. Imitating this picture, therefore, is not recommended.
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  • Landlocked Lesotho is a mountainous country, where many rivers have their source. Very extensive catchment system allows to store all valuable water.
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  • One of its main customers is the South African province of Gauteng, which includes the metropolis of Johannesburg with its population of many millions.
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  • These round huts are typical of Lesotho. The low hedges surrounding the plots are not aimed at disagreeable neighbours, but are intended to keep wild animals out.
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  • Unlike Lesotho, Swaziland is not surrounded by South Africa only, but also borders Mozambique.
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  • Video: Lesotho and Swaziland – an unrecognised tourist destination

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date of entry 07 February 1995
mileage 145,639

Lesotho / Swaziland

date of entry 09 February 1995
mileage 146,187

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date of entry 10 February 1995
mileage 146,414


date of entry 20 February 1995
mileage 149,495


date of entry 04 December 1995
mileage 149,945


date of entry 10 December 1995
mileage 152,112

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date of entry 18 December 1995
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Lesotho / Swaziland

date of entry 21 December 1995
mileage 154,987

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date of entry 22 December 1995
mileage 155,150

Lesotho / Swaziland

date of entry 29 December 1995
mileage 156,467

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date of entry 31 December 1995
mileage 157,019