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A wood-exporting country and a paradise for gamblers and backpackers.

date of entry 13/02/2010
mileage 692,775

capital Vientiane

area 236.800 km²

population 6.646.000

GDP 8,298 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Laotian

When Gunther Holtorf first visited Laos in 2010, his impressions of the country were that it was a major exporter of wood to China and a gamblers’ paradise, where the residents of its northern neighbour travelled to visit the casinos, because gambling is largely forbidden in the Middle Kingdom.
  • Boten on the Chinese-Lao border is the gambling and entertainment centre for shortterm Chinese visitors. Gambling is prohibited in China, thus "outsourced" to neighbouring Lao.
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  • The Mekong flows from north to south through Laos for around 1900 kilometres.
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  • The river is a busy waterway…
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  • …and, at the same time, forms the border with Myanmar in the north and Thailand in the west.
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  • Otto kept his tyres dry crossing the Mekong on this very rickety-looking ferry.
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  • The so-called "Plain of Jars" is near the city of Phonsavan. The sandstone containers found here are estimated to be around 2000 years old.
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  • A peaceful place to spend the night in Laos.
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  • Many people in the villages and towns take their goods to market on their backs. This woman was carrying a load about the same size as her own body.
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  • Fish are dried and sold at the market.
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  • Video: Laos – from gambling to a peaceful natural landscape.

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