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On four wheels through the country of riders

date of entry 24/09/2005
mileage 502,539

capital Bischkek

area 199.900 km²

population 5.551.900

GDP 5,4 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Kyrgyz/Russian

"Kyrgyzstan is a riding country," Gunther says. A horse is the best way of getting round here. Christine and Gunther relied on four wheels rather than four legs, and made their way through the former Soviet republic without any problems. In the capital, Bishkek, Christine and Gunther had a pleasant surprise: a German-style brewery and beer garden, managed by local people, provided welcome refreshment and a place to stay the night.
  • ...and the socialist architecture of the capital, Bishkek.
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  • Gunther mainly remembers Kyrgyzstan as a mountainous and rather lonely country.
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  • But Otto occasionally met up with some company, be it a herd of sheep...
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  • … or a group of people, one of Gunther’s favourite subjects for photos.
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  • Children pose proudly with their four-wheeled visitor from Germany
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  • Otto outside a spectacular house
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  • There are still traces of the Soviet past here and there: The occasional statue of Lenin…
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  • Video: Kyrgyzstan: Riding horses and drinking beer