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In Kuwait Otto encountered the same model in many different colours

date of entry 05/04/2005
mileage 468,013

capital Kuwait City

area 17.818 km²

population 3.000.000

GDP 176,6 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Modern Standard Arabic

The original plan to cross Iraqi into Kuwait proved impossible, so Christine and Gunther had to traverse Saudi Arabia. Both found Kuwait less restrictive than Saudi. By the time they visited, there were few burnt-out oilfields and refineries to remind them of the Iraqi occupation that sparked the Gulf war in the early 1990s. Gunther particularly liked the large number of luridly coloured Hummers and other four-wheel drive vehicles in Kuwait City. Many of Otto’s relatives were also in evidence.
  • The marina in Kuwait City is as full of boats as the city is full of SUVs
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  • Otto on the border between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Kuwait is about the size of Wales.
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  • Waiting to cross the border: It’s more comfortable on a carpet.
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  • These water towers, up to 185 metres high and with their own viewing platforms, are a trademark of Kuwait City.
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  • Video: Kuwait: the land of colourful cars

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Saudi Arabia

date of entry 08 April 2005
mileage 468,986


date of entry 11 April 2005
mileage 470,670