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In the middle of these lonely expanses of land, Otto had a historic moment

date of entry 09/09/2005
mileage 498,953

capital Astana

area 2.724.900 km²

population 17.737.000

GDP 178,3 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Kazakh/Russian

Otto reached the 500,000-kilometre mark in Kazakhstan, and Gunther and Christine celebrated accordingly. Apart from this historic event, the main thing Gunter remembers about his 3,600-kilometre tour of the former Soviet republic is its ultramodern capital, Astana, the Baikonur cosmodrome and the dried-up Aral Sea.
  • As the Aral Sea continues to dry up, many ships have been left stranded. But Otto had no trouble getting around.
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  • A historic moment: Otto passed the half-million-kilometre mark in Kazakhstan.
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  • Gunther remembers the capital, Astana, as "an ultramodern, unreal oasis in the desert."
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  • Outside the glittering capital, most of the country was empty…
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  • … which is not surprising given that Kazakhstan is eight times the size of Germany, with a population of just 17 million
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  • Video: Kazakhstan: a fantasy capital with lots of champagne and not many people