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A night spent not far from Bob Marley

date of entry 13/01/2008
mileage 621,814

capital Kingston

area 10.991 km²

population 2.930.050

GDP 11.206 M. US-Dollar

official language English

Jamaica was another first for Otto. Millions visit the Caribbean island every year – but Gunther and Christine were the first to do so in their own vehicle. They spent four weeks there, and Otto covered around 1,100 kilometres. One highlight for Christine was spending the night in a small park containing Bob Marley’s grave. "She loved his music very much", Gunther says.
  • Jamaica exports bananas, coffee, sugarcane, pimento and other agricultural products
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  • Otto arrived in Jamaica by ship, the first foreign private car to arrive on the island.
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  • There were a few problems getting there and unloading him, but eventually he arrived in Kingston, the capital.
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  • Gunther particularly remembers the eventful days he spent on the island, and the exuberant people he met...
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  • … "Jamaica is a picture-book Caribbean holiday destination," he says.
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  • As always, Gunther and Christine tried to get off the beaten track as much as possible.
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  • Video: Jamaica: picture-book Caribbean