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In Kurdistan the travellers even found a proper beer garden

date of entry 05/08/2007
mileage 599,208

capital Bagdad

area 434.128 km²

population 28.946.000

GDP 115,3 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Arabic/Kurdish

Gunther and Christine made many unsuccessful attempts to get Iraqi visas. In 2007, they decided to attempt a crossing at the border between Turkey and Iran. This time they got lucky. They drove Otto 700 kilometres across Kurdistan in northern Iraq. They even managed to find a German beer garden.
Gunther and Christine wanted to go to Baghdad, but were ordered by an American checkpoint to turn back.
  • Video: Iraq: nothing ventured, nothing gained

Otto was here before ...


date of entry 08 August 2007
mileage 599,898


date of entry 09 August 2007
mileage 600,201


date of entry 12 August 2007
mileage 601,675