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Cheap fuel and sweltering heat

date of entry 23/07/2007
mileage 594,342

capital Teheran

area 1.648.195 km²

population 75.149.669

GDP 496,243 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Persian

Gunther and his son Martin visited the Islamic Republic of Iran in the summer of 2007. They started from the port of Bandar Abbas, where the temperature was 45°C in the shade, and travelled via the cities of Shiraz and Isfahan to the cooler northern region. "Iran has had a bad press," Gunther says. But he recommends visiting the country for its many historically important sites and fascinating big cities. The couple were often approached by local people who had seen Otto’s German numberplates. "We felt very comfortable in Tehran," Gunther recalls.
  • Delicately ornamented columns in the entrance to the Nasir Al-Mulk mosque in Shiraz
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  • The Imam Square in Isfahan is ringed by two-storey arcades. This is one of Iran’s biggest cities, with just over 2 million inhabitants.
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  • Exploring Iran: Many of the masks have facades and domes made from faience, elaborately ornamented ceramic tiles, mainly in turquoise.
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  • Otto driving through a part of Isfahan seldom visited by tourists. One typical feature of Iran’s traditional architecture is the ventilation tower, which guides cooling winds into the building.
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  • The bazaar in Isfahan, one of the country’s biggest
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  • Cloth merchants in the Isfahan bazaar
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  • One of the country’s most important cultural monuments: the ruins of Persepolis, the capital of the ancient Persian empire, dating back 2,500 years.
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  • Video: Iran: where the fuel is cheap and the summer stifling

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date of entry 04 August 2007
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