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Spring arrives among the volcanoes, geysers and glaciers.

date of entry 28/04/2009
mileage 646,497

capital Reykjavík

area 103.125 km²

population 325.671

GDP 20.003 M. US-Dollar

official language Icelandic

After the stopover on the Faroe Islands, the Holtorfs travelled on by ferry to Iceland. In 2009, the Holtorfs were almost the only tourists with their own car on the island.
  • When the first rays of sunshine appeared, people ventured out of their houses and enjoyed a cup of coffee outside.
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  • Arriving by ferry in Seyðisfjørður on the east coast of Iceland. By the end of April, the winter is actually over, but the mountains are still covered in snow.
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  • The temperature was too low for people to want to spend much time outside. Hardly anyone was out on the streets.
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  • A farm house against a dramatic mountain backdrop. When will the scree reach the house?
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  • The crater of a volcano photographed from a safe distance.
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  • The geysers are an impressive demonstration of the fact that the volcanoes on the island are active. Hot water gushes out from the earth’s interior like a fountain.
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  • The end moraine of a glacier is a striking natural phenomenon.
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  • Even more impressive are the basalt rock formations that look as if they have been shaped by human hand.
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  • In the middle of nowhere. A break for a meal on volcanic rock. Neither bushes nor trees grow here.
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  • But this house is completely engulfed in grass.
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  • A river with a waterfall in Iceland. At the first glance, it seems quite normal, but the people in the brightly coloured coats on the left of the picture give an indication of the huge scale.
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  • The Holtorfs saw puffins all along the coast.
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  • On the way back to the ferry. Otto’s dirty state indicated how bad the weather had been on the island.
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  • Video: Iceland – birds, storms and solitude

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