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One country, two systems and many memories

date of entry 16/03/2011
mileage 738,999

area 1104 km²

population 7.097.600

GDP 243,3 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Chinese/English

Gunther Holtorf had to wait many years to return to the former British colony of Hong Kong, which is now an autonomous part of China. He lived in the city between 1967 and 1973 when he worked for Lufthansa. In 2011, he finally succeeded in going back. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to show his old stamping ground to his wife Christine, as she had sadly died a year before. When he was in Hong Kong, Gunther Holtorf was a keen water skier and bowling enthusiast.
  • Despite the fact that Hong Kong is now technically part of China, the border is still highly secure. The principle of one country, two systems applies. The concept of democracy must not be allowed anywhere near the Middle Kingdom.
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  • The view of the skyline of Hong Kong island and of Kowloon that can be seen in the background was not nearly as impressive at the time of Gunther Holtorf’s first visit.
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  • And certainly not when lit up at night.
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  • Otto had to have a second number plate.
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  • Spectacular apartment buildings can be found in Aberdeen, a popular destination for outings on the side of Hong Kong island that faces away from the mainland.
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  • At weekends, the beach at Aberdeen is crammed with people.
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  • Fishing boats in front of apartment complexes.
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  • Video: Hong Kong – a city full of memories