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Haiti / Dominican Rep.

Switching from brown to green

date of entry 07/02/2008
mileage 622,922


capital Port-au-Prince

area 27.750 km²

population 9.801.664

GDP 5.435 M. US-Dollar

official language Haitian/French

Dominican Rep.

capital Santo Domingo

area 48.730 km²

population 10.464.474

GDP 56,700 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Spanish

Otto travelled from Jamaica to Haiti on an open container pallet. The barren landscape and ruined buildings were an unpleasant surprise for the Holtorfs. The effects of earthquakes and hurricanes were very apparent. The worst earthquake came two years after the couple first visited Haiti. Gunther says crossing overland into the Dominican Republic was "going from a brown country to a green one". Here, the Holtorfs found lush countryside and spectacular beaches.
  • Spectacular beach in the Dominican Republic
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  • Clearing up after a hurricane
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  • Compared to this vehicle, Otto was getting off lightly
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  • Otto poses for a picture on the beach
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  • A village of huts by the river in Haiti
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  • Getting ready for a bus journey. The back is decorated with a picture of a saint
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  • All baggage and shopping go on the roof
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  • Otto travelled from Kingston to Port-au-Prince on an open container pallet
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  • A group of schoolchildren poses in front of Otto
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  • Hurricane debris on the street in the capital
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  • Market day in Port-au-Prince
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  • Clothing for sale on the ground
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  • A woman in the marketplace carries chickens on her head
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  • The meat and vegetable section
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  • Meat is sold unrefrigerated and uncovered
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  • The market also sold bicycle parts
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  • The colourful outdoor market
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  • A memorial outside a government building in the Dominican Republic
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  • Government building in the capital, Santo Domingo
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