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Otto only reached Guyana on the second attempt

date of entry 23/12/1998
mileage 234,758

capital Georgetown

area 214.970 km²

population 751.223

GDP 1.039 M. US-Dollar

official language English

Christmas Eve 1998 is a day that Gunther Holtorf will probably never forget. While trying to cross the Guyanese jungle, Otto got stuck in a mudhole and was unable to get out unaided. Out of necessity, therefore, Gunther and Christine Holtorf "celebrated" Christmas in the primeval forest. They were eventually freed by the driver of an all-wheel-drive lorry, who happened to be passing. By force of circumstances, they drove back to Brazil. In 2002, they tried again to cross the primeval forest. This time, they made their way through successfully to the capital, Georgetown, in the north of the country.
  • After a short stay in Georgetown, Otto finally drove on due east towards Suriname.
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  • Their entry in 1998 across the Tacutu River on the border went smoothly enough.
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  • The trouble began only when they tried to drive along a mud track through the jungle.
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  • Otto got stuck in a mudhole on Christmas Eve and was unable to get out unaided. Fortunately, a passing all-wheel-drive lorry pulled the car out of the morass.
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  • The second attempt in 2002 was more successful. Although the road through the primeval forest was still nothing but a mud track...
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  • ... Gunther and Christine Holtorf managed to free Otto from every difficult situation ...
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  • ... and did not let even the most challenging obstacles get in their way. It was the first time that any vehicle other than the old-fashioned Bedford all-wheel-drive lorries had managed to complete this route.
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  • After their trip through the primeval forest, the travellers were able once more to enjoy the blessings of civilisation in the capital, Georgetown, ...
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  • ... although they also had to endure the bustle of the big city again.
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  • Video: Guyana – lots of primeval forest, and Christmas in a mudhole

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date of entry 26 December 1998
mileage 235,317