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A Portuguese-speaking enclave in the west of Africa

date of entry 12/01/1991
mileage 61,063

capital Bissau

area 36.125 km²

population 1.449.230

GDP 826 M. US-Dollar

official language Portuguese

Guinea-Bissau is a former Portuguese colony on the west coast of Africa. The extremely poor country has experienced great political upheaval in recent years. Surrounded by French-speaking states and with its unviable economy, the country proved to be very difficult to travel through.
  • ... or dirty dishes
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  • Procuring supplies of diesel in Guinea-Bissau was a complicated affair. Here Gunther Holtorf got hold of a whole barrel from military stocks. It took an entire day to decant the diesel from the barrel using a small hose.
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  • A typical village of huts made from brushwood and reeds
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  • The generations lived in primitive conditions all under the same roof
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  • The road network has been neglected for decades. Otto waiting for a ferry here.
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  • In Guinea-Bissau bridges were a rarity, often dated back to colonial times and were correspondingly fragile
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  • Children, their skin painted in traditional style, were dancing at a village celebration
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  • Children on the coast in front of a long abandoned lighthouse from colonial times
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  • Everything is carried on the head in Guinea-Bissau as well ...
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  • ... even a shovel ...
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