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Old pillars and modern suspension bridges

date of entry 16/06/2005
mileage 477,501

capital Athen

area 131.957 km²

population 10.815.197

GDP 303,0 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Greek

In 2005, the debt crisis was yet to happen. Greece’s beautiful island beaches and ancient ruins attract huge numbers of tourists each year.
  • The Peloponnese is a peninsula, located in the northeast and separated from the mainland by the Corinth Canal.
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  • The view of Athens from above is dominated by sunblinds, solar panels and satellite dishes.
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  • A bird’s-eye view of Athens on an usually clear day. The Acropolis is clearly visible in the background.
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  • Otto went on a sightseeing tour and Gunther took this picture from the bonnet.
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  • You’re never alone amid these ancient columns. Many tourists make pilgrimages to the sites where democracy first grew up.
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  • The Odeon, the ancient theatre of Herodes Atticus, stands at the foot of the Acropolis. It is still used for performances.
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  • Modern Greece: The Rio-Antirio bridge is 2,883 m long, crossing the Gulf of Patras ...
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  • ... to link the town of Antirrio with Rio in the Peloponnese.
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  • Video: Greece: easy to get there, difficult to leave