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The very British part of Europe

date of entry 11/11/1990
mileage 48,607

area 6,5 km²

population 28.750

GDP 769 M. US-Dollar

official language English

Gibraltar is a curiosity within Europe: a piece of Britain on the Spanish coast. It has long been a bone of contention between the two countries. The Rock of Gibraltar is so small that the only road into the exclave crosses the airport’s runway. Otto was also stopped at the traffic lights, which turn to red if an aircraft is approaching.
  • Breakfast with a view of the lighthouse and fortress
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  • Entering Gibraltar: the peninsula in the Spanish Bay of Algeciras is a British overseas territory which does not belong to the EU.
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  • Overnight stop at the Point of Europe in front of Gibraltar's landmark rock, where there is an impressive mosque
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  • Video: Gibraltar – romantic impressions in the moonlight