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The economic and political model state in West Africa

date of entry 23/03/2013
mileage 842,487

capital Accra

area 238.537 km²

population 25.241.998

GDP 15,513 Bill. US-Dollar

official language English

For years, Ghana has been enjoying an economic boom which is unparalleled in Africa. When Gunther Holtorf and Elke Dreweck visited the former British colony in 2013, the country had already experienced several years of double-digit growth. In addition to the oil deposits discovered off the coast, the stable political landscape of the country has also contributed to its prosperity. Ghana has a multi-party system which has resulted in several democratic changes of government, unlike any other country in the region. Furthermore, the legitimacy of the elections has never been seriously called into question by the losers.
  • In the hills above the capital Accra, Otto parked in an old botanical garden dating back to the British colonial era.
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  • The capital Accra is a modern and rapidly growing city. There are large slums, in particular along the Atlantic coast.
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  • Black Star Square celebrates the country’s independence. The black star also appears on the Ghanaian flag. Elke Dreweck stands next to Otto.
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  • There are many Christian churches of different denominations throughout the south of the country. The services of the charismatic churches are particularly impressive, with miraculous healings allegedly occurring often.
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  • Many settlements along the coast are dominated by the ruins of castles built by Europeans.
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  • Almost all seafaring European nations had so-called slave castles, which were only a short distance away from one another. Slaves were kept prisoner there before being transported to the plantations in America.
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  • The heavily fortified castles, some of which date back to the 16th century, are often still in good condition, despite the damp, hot climate, and are generally located right on the beach.
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  • Today, catches of fish are landed on the beaches.
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  • The children wait for their fathers to come back from the sea.
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  • The temperatures in Ghana are tropical all year round and sometimes exceed 40 degrees.
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  • As soon as Otto had left the larger settlements, it was often possible to find wonderful places to spend the night…
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  • …with an uninterrupted view of beautiful long white beaches.
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  • Lizards mainly appeared in the evening.
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  • Elke Dreweck with the palm fruits from which oil is extracted.
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  • In the north of Ghana, there is a gradual transition to the Sahel zone. There you find the mud buildings that are typical of the region.
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  • The huts are generally round and have no windows.
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  • In the north, there is also a larger proportion of Muslims. Ancient mosques bear witness to the influence of Arabic traders, who travelled with their caravans through the Sahara to the West African coast.
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  • Video: Ghana – a flourishing African country

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