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Germany was a refuge between the different stages of the journey.

date of entry 23/10/1989
mileage 34,268

capital Berlin

area 357.167,94 km²

population 80,781 M.

GDP 3.636 Bill. US-Dollar

official language German

Germany was the starting point time and again for the Holtorfs’ tours. They settled at some point in a small town on Lake Chiemsee and rented a house, where after each session of cancer treatment Christine Holtorf would always recuperate up until her death in 2010. From here the couple planned the next stages of their great journey. Their all-terrain vehicle Otto, on the other hand, rarely returned home: He was usually travelling by container from one continent to another or put into storage whilst the couple were back in Germany.
  • Christine Holtorf passed away in June 2010. Shortly beforehand she and Gunther had finally tied the knot after more than 20 years of travelling together. She wanted him to complete the tour around all the countries of the world on her behalf.
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  • A thorough clean: Christine Holtorf gets Otto’s stripped interior shipshape again in 2004. The wooden base with the bed has been removed.
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  • In 2005 the around 80-kilogram roof rack was also overhauled. Gunther was removing rust from the frame here. At times the roof load reached as much as 500 kilos.
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  • Before each new stage Gunther Holtorf replaced the export registration number on Otto’s bumper. Only on his first trip to Africa did Otto bear an oval black-and-white customs plate, and then later on a modern plate from Friedberg in Hessen. The export number FB 126 C was assigned again and again – even though this should not have been allowed. But the authorities always turned a blind eye.
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  • Otto’s tachograph has only five digits. Obviously, when the all-terrain vehicle was built, 100,000 kilometres deemed its limit. After the first 99,999 kilometres Gunther Holtorf stuck an extra digit at the front of the dial for the hundreds of thousands. There’s an eight stuck here now.
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  • Otto is being loaded up at the end of 2012 at Lake Chiemsee for his last major tour of southern Africa.
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  • The Holtorfs always saw Otto’s travels as a world trip. They rarely used Otto to travel around Germany. This picture was taken on a brief stop at the river Neckar: view over Heidelberg’s Old Town and Castle
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  • On 2 September 2012 Gunther Holtorf visited Eisenach after a six weeks journey from Japan via Sibiria back to Europe. He set off for the Wartburg castle early in the morning.
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  • On a trip northwards Gunther could not resist stopping at the place name sign of Holtorf to take a photo. The village is located close to Bremen.
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