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At the crossing between Europe and Asia

date of entry 05/05/2006
mileage 535,472

capital Tiflis

area 69.700 km²

population 4.497.600

GDP 16.162 Mio. US-Dollar

official language Georgian

The Holtorfs arrived in Georgia from Turkey in 2006. This Black Sea country, formerly part of the Soviet Union, now marks the transition from Europe to Asia.
  • ... chapels and monasteries.
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  • As red-and-white national flags flutter on a roundabout, billboards for Coke and Pepsi compete for attention.
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  • Christine and Gunther found quite a different picture in the countryside. A tangle of electricity and telephone cables mars what could have been a rural idyll, and an old fortress looks down from a hill in the distance.
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  • The couple’s journeys through the Caucasus mountains took them past countless Orthodox churches, ...
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  • Video: Georgia: a deeply religious land of hidden conflict