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Visiting Albert Schweitzer’s tropical clinic

date of entry 09/06/2013
mileage 852,363

capital Libreville

area 267.667 km²

population 1.640.286

GDP 11.301 M. US-Dollar

official language French

  • His grave is also in Lambaréné.
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  • Gabon is on the equator and much of the country is covered with tropical rainforest.
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  • Otto crossed the boundary between the northern and southern hemispheres several times.
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  • Most of the roads in the interior of the country are not surfaced.
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  • Here traders at a market had spread out their goods under brightly coloured umbrellas.
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  • Lambaréné, one of the best known towns in the country, ...
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  • ... which is home to the legendary tropical hospital founded by Dr Albert Schweitzer.
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