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France / Monaco

Savoir vivre on the Mediterranean coast

date of entry 05/11/1990
mileage 45,799


capital Paris

area 668.763 km²

population 65.820.916

GDP 2776 Bill. US-Dollar

official language French


capital Monaco-Ville

area 2,02 km²

population 36.136

GDP 5705 M. US-Dollar

official language French

Otto travelled through France several times. Longer trips in 2004 and 2009 went through "La Grande Nation" as well as Monaco. Alongside the sights of Paris Christine and Gunther Holtdorf enjoyed the Mediterannean coast especially.
  • View from the ferry of the city of Marseille. The Cathédrale de la Major can be seen from the cruise ship on the right. From here the journey continued to Tunis in Tunisia.
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  • Arrival in the capital. A brief photo stop on the magnificent Champs Elysées boulevard with a view of the Arc de Triomphe. Anyone who stops here for too long risks picking up a fine.
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  • Both of them wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower. Otto parked on the Champ de Mars while Christine considered: "Stairs or lift?"
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  • The next stop on the sightseeing trip around in Paris was Les Invalides
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  • Stocking up on groceries: Christine was a great fan of this supermarket chain and not just in France.
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  • View of the Mediterannean coastline in southern France
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  • Otto outside the Cathédrale de la Major in Marseille, Christmas 2004
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The aim was to take a photo of the whole Eiffel Tower at close range. Before smartphones came along, you had to put together your own panoramic shots. This picture of the Eiffel Tower is made up of three photos. The differing sky colours give away the joins between them.
  • Video: Monaco – visiting the country of Formula One