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Finland / Aland

Zigzagging through a landscape of lakes

date of entry 04/08/2005
mileage 488,018


capital Helsinki

area 338.432 km²

population 5429894

GDP 266,5 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Finnish


capital Mariehamn

area 1579,79 km²

population 28.666

official language Swedish

Gunther and Otto visited Finland in 2005 and 2006. They also paid a visit to the autonomous Åland islands in 2010.
  • Typically Scandinavian boathouses
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  • Crossing the border from Sweden to Finland at Harparanda in 2005
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  • The cathedral steps are a popular meeting point for young people in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.
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  • The Three Blacksmiths Memorial in Helsinki’s city centre
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  • Time for a coffee: A street cafe in downtown Helsinki on a long, sunny day in August.
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  • Gunther visited the Åland Islands in 2010. He and Otto crossed the Baltic. The islands are located between Sweden and Finland.
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  • Ruins in Åland. The islanders speak Swedish, but this autonomous region belongs to Finland, being the only Swedisch-speaking territory using the Euro currency.
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  • Church cemetery in Åland
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  • Otto outside the westernmost post office in the Tsarist Russia. Today Åland is a full member Genevas World Postal Union.
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  • Runic inscriptions in Åland
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  • Video: Finland - the land of lakes