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Bureaucratic obstacles at the heart of the South Sea

date of entry 17/11/2011
mileage 776,055

capital Suva

area 18.333 km²

population 837.271

GDP 3.409 M. US-Dollar

official language English/Fijian/Fiji Hindi

Fiji is the most important country in the South Pacific. Alongside the native Melanesians, many Indian immigrants live on the 332 islands that make up the country and control a large proportion of its businesses. In the past, this has often led to tensions. However, when Gunther and Martin Holtorf visited in 2013, the country was calm and they could have moved freely around the islands, if it hadn’t been for the customs officials. Getting Otto out of the port was a very long-winded process and unfortunately there was only enough time left to visit the main island.
  • The military – in this case a guard in front of the presidential palace wearing the traditional wraparound skirt – plays a major role in Fijian life. On the one hand, there are frequent coups and, on the other, it has an excellent reputation as a result of its UN peacekeeping missions. Many Fijians earn their living in the armed forces.
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  • The main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, from the incoming flight. Otto had already arrived by container. Unfortunately, it took a long time to release him from it.
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  • An atmospheric evening near Nandi.
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  • It takes around three hours to travel along the coast from the airport in Nandi to the capital Suva.
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  • That is provided that the road hasn’t been washed away by a river.
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  • A digger was needed to make the road passable.
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  • The mountains on the main island of Viti Levu are a few hundred metres high. They are used for agriculture. There is very little woodland.
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  • Typical houses on Fiji are made from wooden beams covered in raffia mats and have thatched roofs.
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  • There are still some old botanical gardens dating back to the British era.
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  • This picture shows ancient aerial roots.
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  • Video: Fiji – a friendly South Sea island