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Equatorial Guinea

Small, Catholic and oil-rich

date of entry 06/06/2013
mileage 851,605

capital Malabo

area 28.051 km²

population 686.000 to 1.622.000

GDP 10.485 M. US-Dollar

official language Spanish/French/Portuguese

The economy of this small and largely unknown country is booming because of its oil reserves. It is shut off from the outside world and issues very few visas. The country’s leaders have treated themselves to an extravagant new capital city on the coast.
  • Gunther Holtorf travelled on the wide, well-surfaced roads to the new capital Akonibe, which is still under construction.
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  • Otto did not visit this West African country, which is right on the equator, until his last extended tour of Africa towards the end of his journey around the world. It was very hard to get a visa and a permit for Otto proved to be even more difficult.
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  • The roads leading to neighbouring countries, in this case to Cameroon, are well built, because the country is swimming in oil. There’s hardly any traffic. Gunther Holtorf travelled there after the death of his wife with their friend Elke Dreweck.
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  • In the industrial city of Bata, there is a huge cathedral, a new landmark for this largely Catholic country that was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1982.
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  • But the parking spaces in front of the building are only used before services on Sundays. Only those people who work in or are connected with the oil industry have cars.
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  • A futuristic structure adorns a roundabout in the port city of Bata.
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  • A newly constructed golf course for the rich, right next to a new residential complex also intended for the wealthier citizens. The majority of the population lives in poverty.
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  • Video: Equatorial Guinea – dirt track or motorway