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El Salvador

The smallest country in Central America is about the same size as the German federal state of Hessen.

date of entry 22/02/1999
mileage 246,049

capital San Salvador

area 21.041 km²

population 7.332.000

GDP 20.373 M. US-Dollar

official language Spanish

El Salvador means, in translation, "The Saviour". But the Holtorfs’ experience was different: for them it was the land of the "pistoleros", and they were correspondingly cautious.
  • The bare volcanic craters are signs of recent eruptions.
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  • A woman weaves a colourful pattern. The finished products end up later...
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  • ... in the market in San Salvador.
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  • The Holtorfs were more interested in scenes of natural beauty, such as these unusual tree roots. However, spending the night out in the open with Otto was out of the question.
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  • Even though the view of this crater lake was spectacular. "Much too dangerous," says Gunther Holtorf. The Holtorfs spent their nights only on private land, and in a car park outside a police station.
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  • El Salvador lies in an earthquake zone. There are volcanoes everywhere.
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  • Video: El Salvador – beautiful nature, mountain worlds and mountains of rubbish