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A safe haven in the Horn of Africa

date of entry 23/02/1994
mileage 124,471

capital Dschibuti

area 23.200 km²

population 792.198

GDP 841 M. US-Dollar

official language French/Arabic

The small country with a capital city of the same name on the Horn of Africa is a strategically-significant port. UN missions against Somali pirates are launched from here today. When Gunther and Christine Holtorf travelled through the country, it was still somewhat calmer – but, as a former French colony with a foreign legion base, it was very expensive for visitors even then.
  • The inhabitants of Djibouti rear camels in many places. They are used as beasts of burden and provide milk, but they are also slaughtered for their meat.
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  • Djibouti is not a particularly large country. From the frontier, it is just 82 kilometres to the capital city of the same name.
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  • Made it: Otto’s GPS shows the port city’s coordinates.
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  • Video: Djibouti - Chocolate and Kalashnikov

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date of entry 27 February 1994
mileage 124,832